Friday, 13 July 2018

Heavy rain forecast in North Gujarat

Heavy rain forecast in North Gujarat

News’ has four letters. These four letters stand for four directions- North, East, West, South. Reports from Four directions are given the name ‘News’. The paper on which reports are printed is called ‘newspaper’. Newspapers in the modern society have great social and educative values. They are common media of expressing views. Its principal aim is to supply news. Information with different views through comments, articles and editorials.
The newspaper provides us with up-to- date information about important political events, and topics of general interest. We are brought into touch with the current problems which affect us so much if we neglect hem. Again, the morning paper brings to our knowledge all the notable events which occurred in distant lands only the day before. The advertisement column of newspaper tells us where we can find work for ourselves or improve our prospects. It provides us with the means of either disposing of our own articles or purchasing the things we stand in need of. Reviews of books given in some newspaper help us to choose the best books. Those of us who are interested in art, music, farming and sports can also find enough material for amusement.


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